We want to hear from you!

UAV Systems Technologies is a rapidly growing team from a huge range of backgrounds. We understand better than most, that brilliant people can come from a range of backgrounds.

We pick people, not CVs.

If you see a role with us that you think you’d be a great fit for, but don’t quite match, what we’ve said we’re looking for, please apply. Your application matters to us, and our directors review each one individually, and will always reply to you in person.

Don’t sell yourself short.

Character matters, and whilst we want to know your academic background, to us, that project you did last summer, your weekend job, the team you volunteer in, or that bit of work you went above and beyond for is just as important to us. We can only see what you send us.

Good luck!

We know finding a job can be stressful, and we wish you all the best wherever your career takes you.